Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chargers vs. Broncos Go Prime Time

Guess it was both of our come-from-behind wins that inspired it, especially ours against Cincinnati. Let's face it, the Denver Broncos only had to rally from a 13-7 deficit in the 4th against the 2-7 Oakland Raiders. The San Diego Chargers, on the other hand, down 28-7 at halftime, went berserk in Part Deux, wailing on the Bengals (who did not take it lying down!) with 42--count 'em, 42--points to win 49-41.

Like Coach Schottenheimer said, "If you couldn't enjoy this--other than Coach Lewis and his crowd--then you might not enjoy football."

collateral result: We'll be enjoying San Diego at Denver starting at 5:15 Sunday night, instead of early in the afternoon.